Subconscious Sketching

Going Somewhere (Bird with Baggage) Cindy Schnackel

Going Somewhere
(Bird with Baggage)
Cindy Schnackel

Suitcases again!  Three years ago, I was painting peanuts with arms and legs but no facial features, some carrying suitcases.   I might like to migrate like some birds, and go North for the summer someday, to escape this 100+ heat.  The bird and his luggage is a small sketch with a fountain pen and wet brush, on graph paper. There were numerous things doodled around him but I liked the bird best.

Ugly Man Cindy Schnackel

This portrait is ink pen with a wet brush, and is about 8 x 11 inches.  None of my “people” are attractive.  I’m sure that has been due to a lifelong preference for animals that has always made me make people very weird.  It amuses me.  I love doing gaping maws with big teeth, too.  If I start to draw with absolutely no plan in mind, a big toothy mouth frequently appears on my paper.  Along with the chickens, etc, that are also favorite subjects.

UglyWomanSMThe companion piece is in the same sketchbook, same technique. Maybe I was thinking of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” (I hate that painting for some reason, even though I like Vermeer and his style. Maybe it was just shown one too many times in Art History or something.)

I must have worked out the ugly people thing with these two portraits, because it was a couple days later I was back to drawing birds again.

As there is no single, correct meaning to such spontaneously sketched beings, you may interpret their meanings differently!


4 thoughts on “Subconscious Sketching

  1. There is a strange world in your head Cindy… That’s what makes it the head of an artist, I suppose.
    Some weird stuff has been coming out of me recently too. I will blog about it soon perhaps. Not quite ready yet. Keep drawing and sharing, it is getting more and more interesting.

  2. Oh, Cindy! I LOVE these!! Sketching this way is so much fun and your results are fabulous! Intriguing and powerful, always. I love the humor (and sometimes darkness) in them, too.
    So interesting about the suitcases…escaping that heat would be a dandy idea.
    Wow, I though I must be the only person in the world who wants to smack that girl with the pearl earring. LOL!! And I’ve never smacked anyone in my life. There’s SOMETHING about that painting that aggravates me. Her attitude? Pose? Who knows!?

    Thank you for posting these glimpses into Cindy-ness!
    And thank you for mentioning the paintbrush. I never think to grab one when I want to do this kind of sketching. Such a good idea!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I really wonder what bugs me about Girl With A Pearl Earring, too. Poor Vermeer…I really do like his other work!

      Yes, I love combining wet and dry in drawing. It’s just fun to do, and soooo convenient using the “Aquash” brush pen by Pentel, (sorry that sounds like an ad LOL), I LOVE that thing. I should take a pic of it and post just about THAT sometime.

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