More Brick sculptures

It remains over 100 degrees outside, and sometimes closer to 110 many days. So, sometimes I still grab the container of Lego® building bricks, sit where the AC blows on me, and just get lost in the process of seeing what new things I can make. There’s almost always a chicken.  If it’s different enough from a previous one I may photograph it before disassembly.  Last week, I made another black chicken, plus a furnace monster. Many kids who grew up in cold climates with a big noisy glowing furnace in the basement will relate to that.




Besides these, there was one I called “The Pink Tower,” that I used my other blog to discuss recently. It began as simply stacking same-sized but different colored bricks.  When it was done I thought it looked like a pink tower.  Then my husband added a mini figure of a judge, and it took on all sorts of possible meanings beyond what anyone might believe was in the original.  I love that aspect of art, that people can see meanings of their own.  In some art, there is a definite correct meaning, but not always.  And not sure I’d call the pink tower ‘art’ but some would, if for nothing else, because it might invite thought and controversy.


(Built with Lego® building bricks; LEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.  Sculpture not for sale; I dismember my brick sculptures so we can make more.)


6 thoughts on “More Brick sculptures

  1. Ohhhh…Robo Lego Chicken. Gotta love ’em!

  2. LOVE your black chicken on wheels! Terrific design!!
    LOL! The furnace monster is a hoot.
    And your Pink Tower with judge is VERY interesting. Inspires lots of thought.

    We’re supposed to be at 100 on Friday and humid. It’s 95 now, not too humid, with a heat index of 103.
    I don’t know how you live with those temps, Cindy.

    • Thanks! Now that I’ve taken them all apart again, I can use the choicest parts to make new ones. Can’t wait for a storm to finally come and maybe lower temps back into the 90s. The AC doesn’t have to work as hard if it’s at least under 100! Yeah, humidity kinda negates any drop in temp though.Looking forward to fall.

      • 90’s!! Oooooo!! That’d be better for you. I hope the humidity stays away so you can get a break.

  3. If I had any energy I’d do a snow dance…LOL

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