Block Chicken

ChickenRobotSampleMy husband got some Lego® bricks recently, kits to build various vehicles and space ships.  He also got some extra blocks.   I could not resist making, (of course), a chicken!  I like the robotic steampunk quality, and adding wheels to nearly any sculpture is fun.  I like the scientific looking keyboard or display pieces, at the tips of the wings.  Angle sided pieces are especially useful. Once I started playing with the bricks, too, we went to the Lego store and got some extra pieces.  I’m coveting my husband’s kit-pieces that marry blocks in a way you can have the distinctive pegs pointing both ways, so we might order some of those off the Lego® site.  I only like the appearance when the distinctive pegs point “up.” The pieces meant to marry blocks so they can do both seem like they’d open up more possibilities.  I’ve made a dozen or so creatures now and photographed a few that I liked best.  All but this one have since been disassembled now.

Here are a few more of my creatures.


White Thing


Red Robot


Minimalist Chicken

(Built with Lego® building bricks; LEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.  )


6 thoughts on “Block Chicken

  1. Not sure why the text after the last three images will not stay put…no matter how many times I hit ‘enter/return’ it keeps wanting to start beside the last image instead of under it. That is a problem in all the posts here, not just this one. Anyone know the trick to making the text stay down there where I put it?

  2. They look awesome Cindy, These will be fun to make!

    • Most are so simple theyd be easy to figure out, especially by someone with an extensive Lego stash. Some of the brick art online is so large and complex; I just enjoy making these little things!

  3. Haaaa!!! Cindy! These are VERY cool! I love the chicken, of course (those keyboard wings ROCK!)…and the minimalist one, too. “Red Robot” is fascinating! His (her? its?) antenna is perfect. “White Thing” is especially intriguing. Is that an outstretched arm?
    They look like loads of fun to make.


    • Yes, the arch pieces make a cool “stallion raising one foreleg” look that really made the white thing, LOL! Yes, I do have more, some photographed but not yet uploaded, others I haven’t photographed yet. Mostly it’s making me want to do ‘real’ sculpture even more than I was wanting to before, LOL! Years ago I did hand built ceramic creatures, and I would love to get back to that. Only problem is I have to take a class to do it, with the workspace, clay dust, equipment, kiln, etc. Right now that’s just not possible. But when the fall semester schedule comes out for the community colleges, if their tuition is still reasonable, I plan on taking a ceramics class again. Where I took them before is pretty far away though, especially since I am limited to riding the bus. Air dry clays are just not the same, nor are they as durable. I have a high fire stoneware hen and a small creature I made in the 80s/90s that have endured numerous cross country moves, while so much of our other ‘fragile’ things haven’t. Not that I recommend dropping art to see how durable it is, but extreme fragility isn’t one of the things I ever go for. Maybe because I have moved so much or I just hate dusting delicate things, or all of the above. Anyway…at least the Lego sculptures are for fun, and get taken apart almost immediately, I don’t have to worry about them breaking and so far have never dusted a Lego.

  4. I have now disassembled even my favorite chicken, and we found some new arch pieces that I’ve been playing around with. I made two new chicken sculptures, and will probably post them soon to show how I used the arches to make a rooster tail.

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