Monster with Ice Cream Cone; Dolls to take apart later



A small piece, mostly acrylic but technically is mixed media, on a 5 x 8 piece of mat board.  Quite a bit of the blue in this is ‘genuine lapis lazuli’ acrylic, from Daniel Smith.  I have been experimenting with it to find its best uses, as it is not strong in mixtures and has not shown me so far why I’d buy it again at nearly $20 per tube. But it was something I’d always heard was a great blue, so I finally had to try it.  I do like it, just not sure how economical it is or that it’s really ‘worth it’ to me. So far.  It’ll have to show me it does something the other blues don’t.



Toys R Us had a sale on Singamajigs, a doll that sings and has a moving mouth. They are CREEPY, and that’s why I’ve had my eye on them since they came out a year or two ago!  But, knowing I would take them apart or alter them, I had a little problem buying them until they went on a fabulous sale price of only 98 CENTS! There was a fancier kind with a baby that was just under $3, and I passed on those, maybe I shouldn’t have but I did.  Not sure why one’s naked…but soon they all will be.  I can’t wait to see what’s inside, and it may show up in a future found art sculpture. When we ride our bikes around we look at what people are throwing away, in case that treasure should show up, and I usually scrutinize what we throw out, too.  A trip to a thrift store should about do it, then I can begin making something.


Sculpting is what I’ve really been leaning toward lately. Guess I’ve missed doing ceramics, and wasn’t quite convinced the air dry clay I have is sturdy enough when dry.  I’ve even been building things from plastic building bricks, and looking at info to see just what I can do with photos I take of them, if anything.


5 thoughts on “Monster with Ice Cream Cone; Dolls to take apart later

  1. Cindy I am scared about you are going to do with those strange creatures….

  2. Well, you know I love that monster.

    The lapis! It’s in there? Gosh. VERY snazzy. It’s a gorgeous color. I keep wondering if it should twinkle. Too bad it isn’t [so far] as great as its price might suggest.

    Oooo! Cute little Singamajigs! And they’re going to be dismembered? Wow. Well, if it’s for art…

    Can’t wait to see. And your sculptures, too, when they’re done.

    • Thanks, so far no twinkling from the lapis. I have a feeling I’ll be at the end of the tube before I discover that it’s got some trait I HAVE TO have. So far the Singamajigs are intact, but who knows for how long?

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