A few snaps from “Klown”

KlownCrowd1 KlownCrowd2Jeff KlownCrowd2RandyZ KlownCrowd3















A few crowd shots from “Klown,” at R. Pela Gallery in Phoenix.  The opening was Friday, June 7, (downtown Phoenix’s First Fridays art walk), and it will open again for Third Friday’s art walk, June 21st.  Doors open at 6 p.m. again.  I hope that you’ll be able to make it, especially if you missed it on the 7th! There were a lot of people there, at one point it felt like standing room only.  My painting, The Clown Eater, is the mostly red one with the toothy monster catching a clown, (visible in lower two pics).


3 thoughts on “A few snaps from “Klown”

  1. I have noticed some weird things going on with formatting on my WordPress blog and others, so hope this is not a mess.

  2. I posted a correction, third friday’s opening is June 21st! Arghh!

  3. Thanks for all the Likes!

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