Shameless Plug for a Great Wildlife Rehabilitation Org! Wildcare!


I know very few organizations well enough to give them a plug. The exception is Wildcare Oklahoma.  My husband and I lived in the OKC area for a few years, and got to know them, including the incredible woman who heads it, Rondi Large.

How we came to know of Wildcare was like so many people; we found an orphaned baby bird after a bad spring storm, and took it to Wildcare. We drove to Noble and left the finch in capable hands.  After that, we became members and attended their annual April Baby Shower, which was open to the public. What we saw was incredible. Thousands of injured and orphaned birds, fawns, beavers, coons, and others, all  handled it expertly and compassionately.  I didn’t even know that there is a manufacturer for milks of all kinds of animals, but there is, and we saw them bottle and syringe feeding everything from bats to bunnies. Most are re-released when ready. A few cannot be wild again and live out their lives there in clean, spacious, intellectually stimulating enclosures.  The animals are not made into pets, though they are clearly loved; they are prepared to live wild again.

With the recent bad tornadoes and hail storms in OK, the org is in special need of funds to repair their own facilities and take care of the influx of animals that were hurt or orphaned.  And spring is just getting started.  I hope that if you were considering helping animals after the storms, you’ll consider Wildcare.  At any rate, enjoy their websites.



Wildcare site:


Wildcare on Facebook:


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