Ink Work; new pens


Mammal 3 in ink
Cindy Schnackel


Mammal 4 in ink
Cindy Schnackel


Mammal 5 in ink
Cindy Schnackel


Last Saturday, I went to a free demonstration of Pentel ink pens by C.J. Rider, at the Arizona Art Supply in central Phoenix.  I got a free pen, and bought a few others in the line, including an “Aquash” brush pen that holds water.  These were marvelous fun to play around with.  I do like to draw with ink, and the pens with their contained ink, various brush and point nibs, and the water brush, made it super easy to sit in the living room and draw in ink and wash, without anything to spill, tip over, or drip.  (You COULD make the brush pen drip if you squeezed it hard enough though!)


These were done in a sketchbook of cream colored paper, about 5 x 7 inches.  I only scanned a few of the drawings, and as you can see, I’m still not over my mammal-mammary phase.  Not sure what’s up with that, but it is enormous fun to draw these creatures with their pendulous udders, and hear what people think their babies must be like.

Some of the pens are more water soluble than others, but all have at least a small window of opportunity as C.J. put it, to soften lines, etc, with the Aquash water brush.  Some were still somewhat soluble even the next day, others barely dissolved even after a few minutes.  I won’t attempt to describe the entire product line, but I really enjoyed the wash effects and convenience of these tools.  I still love the quill pen and bottle of ink, and one of my favorite tools of all time, the ballpoint pen.  But these are fun and so handy I may take them with me to sketch on the bus sometimes.  Also, some of the pens, even the brush tip ones, are capable of incredibly fine lines! The brushes have a very fine to bold stroke with the same tip. They really are like a brush.  There were finer still tips, but I got something kind of in the middle.  If you like working with ink, check them out.


2 thoughts on “Ink Work; new pens

  1. Oh, NEAT!!!! Love your oh-so-mammal-y mammals!!! Each one is an individual, and that’s fabulous. Do we know if they’re yawning? Or lowing? Or whining? Or…?

    The Pentel event sounds great. And a pen with water in it seems like a good idea. You’re very deft with these things, Cindy. I’m still trying to figure out pens. I love how they don’t drip, don’t need to be washed, etc. But they’re still a puzzle to me in many respects. The only “fancy” ones I’ve bought are the Pigma Micron brand. I do have some very, very old pens and bought some ink for them, but the first time I used a bottle I knocked it over, covering the sofa in permanent black.
    Thank you for re-inspiring me!


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