Phone Doodle


The Conversation
About 6 x 4 inches on graph paper

Drawn with ballpoint and gel ink pens while on the phone, May 2013.  Bird in wig is making another appearance, I think it’s probably a self portrait, but not sure.  She is looking at a pill-like pig thing with a butt, while a gleeful man leaps across a checkerboard background.  Interpretations invited!


2 thoughts on “Phone Doodle

  1. ::giggles::

    This is a DELIGHT!!
    Even your doodles are super!!!!!
    The wig-bird looks a little anxious. Maybe she and the pill-pig are talking about the gleeful man’s antics. “Oh, don’t pay any attention to Harold! We can’t get his meds right. Wait! You work at a drugstore, right? Can you get me something to knock him out? I haven’t slept in months!”

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