Recycled OSB into bird paintings


Awhile ago I got some scraps of construction materials to paint on, use as backer boards on my easel, or whatever uses they could serve.  The idea was to avoid buying new material, to keep a few scraps out of the landfills.  One was the above OSB, (oriented strand board), a wood product compressed from scraps of wood.  You often see it used as sheathing when buildings are under construction.


One day after using it for awhile to provide support behind things on my easel, I quickly painted a few birds on it.  The ones I liked, I saved, by cutting them out.  The edges are sanded and they are sealed well on all sides and edges.


Though OSB is not considered an archival art support by any means, it lasts long enough in landfills apparently!  So, I think if it is well cared for inside a home, it should last as long as it concerns any of us. Because they are on this material and are essentially quick sketches, (though done in acrylic paint), they will be part of my Affordable Art collection.  The two larger ones will be $50 each, the smaller $25.  This is a great value, as similar sized pieces of my regular paintings and drawings would be 4 to 5 times more.


“Rooster” is available as cards and prints, too, on my Red Bubble page. The Photographic Prints on RB are a particularly good value.



I have another scrap, of masonite or hardbord, that is 20 x 48 inches, and I’ve done a rather elaborate painting on it, (not a sketch).  Masonite and Hardbord are much denser than OSB, and forms of them are used to make really nice archival artists panels to paint on.   I feel that it will have a long life, too, if well cared for as any art should be. I will need to either ‘cradle’ the back with wood, or get a custom frame, to give the piece support and be able to hang it, and I’ve not yet decided which direction I want to go with that.  The subject of the painting is not chickens or birds this time, but is a surreal and humorous scene taking place in a desert, and I’ll leave it at that, for now!


Hide and Seek in the Desert


Hide and Seek is acrylic on canvas panel, 14 x 11 inches.  Available as cards/reprints on my Redbubble page,  and the original will be for sale, as well. (Price lists are in my Journals on my Redbubble site)  This started last year as a vague mountain background, probably inspired by many freeway trips where I could see the superstition mountains and other small mountain ranges around Phoenix, from the car.  Extra paint on the palette ends up on another canvas, to be ‘done something with, later.’  This weekend, I finished it, adding details, creatures, and foreground, and refining the mountains and sky more.  I enjoy working with acrylics because they do dry so fast, and I can get lots of different effects.  I like to work in many thin layers, some transparent, some opaque or semi-opaque, to build up forms and shading.  There was no plan to the creatures or scene, it just happened, and I went with it.


© Cindy Schnackel 2013


New painting.  I have done several new paintings but just haven’t uploaded much lately. This is acrylic, 12 in. wide, by 36 in. high.  All palette knife and spatters, the technique is loose and fast, and helps me move on to the next things, after doing very detailed work. I love working with knives, and spattering is fun, reminds me of painting theater sets in college and after, where spatters were widely used for a number of effects.  Plus it’s just fun to throw paint.