Hail in Phoenix, Arizona today


Unusual but not unheard of. Small hail, Feb 20, 2013, in N.E. Phoenix near Scottsdale.  Temps are probably in the high 30s or low 40s. It began melting right away.  It had been thundering and raining all day, starting with a good downpour about 3 a.m.



4 thoughts on “Hail in Phoenix, Arizona today

  1. YIKES!!!!!!!! what an amazing picture!!!! Palm trees and hail??!!
    ((warm hugs))

    • It’s always cause for lots of excitement if anything like this happens in Phoenix, LOL! I do miss seeing some snow in winter, from the years we’ve lived elsewhere, so this was pretty and novel. It was mostly gone within a couple of hours, however, it was still melting off rooftops this morning.

  2. Hi, Cindy! I came back to visit this picture of yours hoping it would cool me off.

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