Can’t walk past it


We have one of these but I still can’t help walking by it in the art store and doing a quick, temporary drawing.  Here’s an amusing video about the Buddha Board.


I searched You Tube for Buddha Board and found quite a few more, here’s one where someone did an animation with it:




5 thoughts on “Can’t walk past it

  1. That’s SO COOL!!!!!! I’ve never seen it..WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for telling about this, Cindy!

  2. ::runs back::
    They have them at Barnes and Noble…$35!! Well, I’ll stick with paper, I guess. But it’s VERY cool!!!

    • Yeah, wait for a coupon or sale, LOL, I am not sure why they cost so much, but hope that like computers, etc, the “price will come down eventually!” My hubby took it to work, so I rarely get to play with it at home. They make paper that’s kind of like this, for practicing brush strokes, maybe it’s for kids, or maybe not, I don’t recall. I haven’t seen it in awhile, but then haven’t looked for it either. Any surface that gets dark when wet has potential though, heh heh.

  3. Hey, that paper sounds interesting! thank you!!!!!
    Yes — it’d be great if the price came down. Probably will!

  4. Cindy! It’s me, Robin…I’m taking a break from my Robpixaday site because after that “Freshly Pressed” post it just ballooned into something too big and annoying to deal with right now (I’m going to go back to RB this week & that takes time). So I’m using the SingingTuna for a VERY small group of nice people. No need to follow if you’re too busy, just wanted to let you know who I am when I visit you.

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