Bluebird doodle using leftover paint

Bluebird2013smWhile painting yesterday, I had some paint left on my palette that wasn’t pure enough to put back, but too much to waste.  So, I took an 8 x 10 sheet of drawing paper, and quickly drew a shape and background with washes made from the leftover paints.  Details were then added (this morning) with India ink and a dip pen, and more thinned down paints, including some spatters, and though it does not show well in this scan, some silver leaf speckles on the bird’s back.  I love doing these random doodles from what’s left on my palette.

By the way, I have several paintings done and more in progress.  Not going to upload them until I’m really sure I’m done, and get good photos/scans of them.  Experimenting with the camera and iphone to see if I can get a larger, higher resolution pic of the paintings. Some are tall and narrow (or wide panoramic) shapes, and I’m not happy with the size of the image I can get, so I need to figure out that before I offer them on Redbubble.

Can’t walk past it


We have one of these but I still can’t help walking by it in the art store and doing a quick, temporary drawing.  Here’s an amusing video about the Buddha Board.


I searched You Tube for Buddha Board and found quite a few more, here’s one where someone did an animation with it: