Return of the hiding in tall grass phase

Every so often, without consciously planning it, I find myself painting creatures in tall grass again. They are my grass phases, no clue what brings them on, but I enjoy painting things hiding in grass.  Two of my more recent miniature paintings (January 2013):


What’s That in the Grass?
Acrylic, 6 x 6 in.


Blockhead in Tall Grass
Acrylic, 6 x 6 in.



First doodle of 2013


Cindy Schnackel
Ink on paper
6×6 in.

Blue ballpoint pen ink and wash, on scrap paper.  You can see some remnants of old notes, and type from the other side showing thru.  I like this casual kind of drawing on whatever’s handy, just letting my hand go and see what it comes up with.  Drawn Jan 1, 2013, before really getting the day underway.  The drawing itself is about 6 x 6 in. and will go into my “Affordable Art” line, (inexpensive mat and frame but not crap, or sold unframed for about $20).  These little drawings would languish in a drawer if I didn’t prepare them to hang and sell. I have been into this color of blue lately.

My reduced price sale on original work officially ended,  and I need to edit my price list, to remove all the Sale prices, but that editing may not happen today!  Check the gallery I have some small pieces in, Willo North, for affordable works.  Willo is open at night for the First Friday (of the month) art walks, which is this Jan 4th, if you are in the Phoenix area.

See my Red Bubble site’s Journals on art originals and prices, and terms of sales. There is a separate list for Paintings, and for Drawings (work on paper):

Happy New Year!