Sale on my calendars until Nov. 17th!

Cardinal, the cover image for one of my calendars.
(No, the prints don’t have a big copyright notice across them, that’s just for blogging!)

Red Bubble, the Print on Demand site I have some of my art on, is offering a 15% off sale on Calendars until Nov. 17, 2012.

Read details in my RB Journal:

There is a coupon code in the Journal that you need to use, to get the discount.  The Journal entry also has links to all my calendars.  I have three made, and can easily make CUSTOM calendars!  I just need to know which images, on which months, and I can make it for you.

BE SURE TO SET THE STARTING MONTH WHEN YOU ORDER!  Buyers have that option.  Otherwise the default seems to be to Jan of that year, and I don’t know if it now would default to Jan 2013…so be sure you remember to set the starting month when you order!

The calendars are large and on nice heavy paper. Each print, (13 incl. the cover), is separate and can be framed after the calendar is used up.


2 thoughts on “Sale on my calendars until Nov. 17th!

  1. RB calendars really are good. And yours are GREAT!

    • Thanks so much! I ordered some for Christmas gifts one year, and one or two for us over the years, and they have always been nice quality. I haven’t seen a bad product from them yet. One lady bought one of the iphone cases I created and came to my solo show and had her pic taken w/me in front of the painting that the case was taken from. I saw the case and it was really nice. I don’t have an iphone myself! Thanks again for visiting my blog!

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