Young Turkey

Young Turkey
Acrylic on canvas panel
5 x 7 inches
$75, unframed

Painted Young Turkey today.  Probably won’t eat any turkey this Thanksgiving!  Canvas panels are rigid and about 1/8 in. thick. They are easy to pop in a frame, and if purchased unframed, very inexpensive to ship.  (Shipping’s extra.)  Not one to plan ahead for the holidays, and most of my art is pretty spontaneous and on-the-spot anyway, so sorry this was not really done in time to promote the image as products for Thanksgiving, LOL!  Just in time to make you feel guilty about eating turkey, though.

Available as prints and cards on my Red Bubble site:


7 thoughts on “Young Turkey

  1. AWWWW!!!!!!!!! wonderful!!!!!
    Love everything about him… expression is super!

  2. This is absolutely wonderful!!! I love it! Are you going to be reproducing your painting on greeting cards? I think that would be so much fun. I could help with some captions if you didn’t want to keep things blank. I love him!!!

    • Obviously I don’t read. I am going to look into purchasing some of your cards

      • I didn’t go to cockatoo grammar school… that’s why 🙂

      • Yup, I see you found the answer! Glad you like my work, thanks for the comments! I don’t plan on selling them with captions, just want to keep them as art prints and in some cases, some other products Redbubble makes, but mostly prints/cards. Love your blog. Birds are so cool. I love hanging out with our ‘tiels.

      • If you ever want to to do up some images of me, contact my mom as she has some great goofy shots that would be fun to paint in the style you use. My dad says I have googly eyes and thinks I look like a cartoon character!

        My mom paints too but in a different style.

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