Cubism is fun!

An art supply store had posted a how-to video on cubist drawing on their Face Book page, and I thought that looked like fun.  So I got out a 9 x 12 tablet of brown kraft sketch paper, a black and a white colored pencil, and made a cubist chicken!

Black Chicken
Colored pencil on brown paper
9 x 12 in.

I also made the drawing into an iphone case. I have seen these cases made by Red Bubble, and they are nice quality.  A woman who bought one of my other cases showed it to me.  It was good to see they are well made and the art on them is faithfully reproduced.

Cubist Chicken iPhone cover
Cindy Schnackel
Available on

You can see these and my other work for sale here:

Please don’t pin my stuff to Pinterest.


3 thoughts on “Cubism is fun!

  1. Thanks for the Like!

  2. This is SO COOL!!!!!!!! Gotta try it!!!!!

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