Giant chickens scanned on giant Cruse scanner

Hen Party
Acrylic palette knife painting on cradled wood panel
48 x 36 x 1.5(deep) inches (unframed, edges finished)
Price $2500

EDITED, UPDATE, May 2015: I am no longer publicly offering these images as reprints or products anywhere. I also stopped selling these as any kind of reprint or product on redbubble. I may at some time offer reprints/products of them to the public again, but am not currently. If you see reprints or products of these being sold anywhere please let me know, as they are unauthorized infringements, and would be made from screen grabs so of very poor quality anyway.  If you do want them on a reprint or product, let me know privately, maybe we can work something out. The most up to date page to see what I have is my Inventory page.

Hen Party is again being offered for sale!  I took the girls briefly off the market so I could take them to get a professional scan on a giant Cruse scanner, which seems appropriate for giant chickens.  The scanner was pretty amazing, as was the computer and graphics operation the owners had. A computer monitor that was of enviable size.

The plan is to offer Hen Party and another large painting, Giant Coffee Drinking Chicken, as fine art prints on canvas, “life size.”  Some call them Giclees, but more and more, the term is debated, as to what it really means.  By the time I offer the prints, I’ll have more specifics to list, as to the canvas, papers, inks, etc, available, and the prices.  Right now though, we have the digital images, and I feel comfortable selling Hen Party.

Giant Coffee Drinking Chicken
Acrylic palette knife painting on canvas
60 x 48 x approx. 2 in (deep)

I won’t be selling Giant, not right now.  My husband and I like him too much. And, he won’t fit in the car, so any time we take him to a show, it requires renting a large van. So for the time being, he’s living on the dining room wall and making a powerful statement there.  Prints of Giant will be available at the same time as for Hen Party.

For more info on my artwork for sale, click the link below. Thanks!

Stay tuned for updates!


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