Pink Thing must go

Pink Thing
Tiny doodle with thin paint, on paper
About 3 x 5 in.

An example of one of the zillions of little drawings and wash-sketches I have been digging out of drawers and shelves this fall, updating my inventory list.  Many will end up being sold very inexpensively the next time I get that opportunity at a show.  I’m always keeping my eye out for frames or mounting material that would be more “green” to use anyway, particularly with these small pieces.  I like to make the presentation nice, even if not pricey, and as long as they look good, I’m all for picking up used frames, or recycling appropriate materials.  The painting itself is from wiping off my brush while painting something larger, then giving it a face and some details.  Better here, than down the drain or in a landfill!

One of the things that made me want to take these tiny pieces out and offer them for sale, inexpensively, was a little boy who asked at my solo show earlier this year, if I had anything for $15. That was what he had in his pocket.  So that is what I was thinking, when I started putting little works into frames or mounting them, to try and keep them really affordable.

If you paint, keep some scratch paper next to you, and see what shapes you come up with that might be brought to life, too.


One thought on “Pink Thing must go

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