Giant Coffee Drinking Chicken

Giant Coffee Drinking Chicken
Acrylic on Canvas
60 x 48 inches

My husband spotted a large canvas someone was throwing out, on a big junk pick up day.  The canvas was well constructed but had a pink and white landscape with gobs of acrylic gel medium as texture here and there.  I took it home and cleaned it up really well, then coated it with a couple layers of gesso. The idea was, my husband and I would just play around with the canvas.  For a few months, that’s all that happened to it.

Then one day, I got the idea to paint a giant chicken on it.  This painting was done in 2011.  I have made other big chicken paintings since, some drinking coffee.  I’ve also made some smaller ones.  I paint chickens and other birds quite often; they’re my favorite creatures on Earth!

(All of my work is © Cindy Schnackel (aka Cindy Pollock before my marriage. All rights reserved.  Please don’t pin my stuff to Pinterest.)


5 thoughts on “Giant Coffee Drinking Chicken

  1. I am in love with your coffee drinking chicken.

  2. Cindy! You know I love this…but I didn’t really how LARGE it is or how you ended up with the canvas! WOW!! That’s so cool that you found the canvas and were able to turn it into your wonderful GIANT COFFEE DRINKING CHICKEN!!!

  3. BTW, just sent another DMCA takedown on a page using this image. It is the most infringed of all my work, and many people copied and saved it apparently, because it keeps popping up as an upload not a share. I just want to inform viewers that unless they bought products/reprints of this image from me they bought it from a thief. (I did offer it on my redbubble page for a couple of years but don’t anymore.) As of this writing, (April 25, 2016) I haven’t been offering it as any kind of reprint or product for awhile, so it’s not legally for sale anywhere by anyone. Nor have I allowed any endorsement/advertising type uses of it! I’d appreciate you letting me know if you see it someplace like that! I do regular reverse image searches, etc, especially on frequently infringed images, however that is not a 100% effective tool, and sometimes I just have to find out about infringements in other ways. Likewise, if I see the work of an artist I know, being used/sold in a way that looks suspect, I let them know. Thank you!

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