Cubism is fun!

An art supply store had posted a how-to video on cubist drawing on their Face Book page, and I thought that looked like fun.  So I got out a 9 x 12 tablet of brown kraft sketch paper, a black and a white colored pencil, and made a cubist chicken!

Black Chicken
Colored pencil on brown paper
9 x 12 in.

I also made the drawing into an iphone case. I have seen these cases made by Red Bubble, and they are nice quality.  A woman who bought one of my other cases showed it to me.  It was good to see they are well made and the art on them is faithfully reproduced.

Cubist Chicken iPhone cover
Cindy Schnackel
Available on

You can see these and my other work for sale here:

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40 x 30 in.
Acrylic on canvas
Reg. Price $1650
Sale $1000
(Sale price through end of 2012)

Finished this today!  It has been really nice outside at least in the mornings, to paint on the patio.  Now and then, a whole day is cool enough, and there will be more of that in the weeks to come.  Nest was an idea I got from a little doodle I did, on an online drawing tool called Scribbler Too, some months ago.  I liked the idea of a big bird in a tree, in the desert.  Seems a lot of my birds are giants of some kind or another.

After the end of 2012 my prices go back to regular again, so if you are looking for a painting, now’s a good time to buy.  You can see this one and more, here:


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5 Important Copyright Misconceptions That Linger

Good info for us all to know.

“5 Important Copyright Misconceptions that Linger”

From Plagiarism Today, Oct. 15 2012, by Jonathan Bailey

Another good source of info is below.

And this, thanks to a fellow Linked In member, who supplied this link:

More original drawings for sale

Just some of the many small doodles added tonight!

These little drawings are inexpensive to buy even at regular prices, but most are on sale now for 50% off!  They’re unframed and unmounted, so they’re very inexpensive to ship, too.  They make nice gifts and can be framed without much cost.  (If you prefer I frame them, we can discuss prices.) If you’re looking for an inexpensive, unique Christmas gift, birthday gift, or something for yourself, this is it.  My original Drawings, Collages, and other works on paper can be seen at:

Peanut on Staircase
Acrylic on linen canvas, framed (floater frame)
6 x 6 in.
Reg. Price $150
Sale Price $75
Shipping extra

I have paintings, too, from miniatures up to 48 x 36 inches, so there is something for every budget. Original Paintings price list:

Fun online drawing tool

Scribbler Bird (another one, there are quite a few)
Drawn in Scribbler Too, with my mouse

Have you ever sketched with the online drawing tool, Scribbler Too?

Fair warning, it can be quite mesmerizing!  Above is one I did today.  I like to go to Scribbler just to play around sometimes.

Below are some older ones. The last one was a popular selling tee shirt on my Red Bubble site, until I uploaded more paintings and drawings done in traditional media. Then they overtook it. But I still sell one of those once in awhile!

Drawn with my mouse in Scribbler Too
Doing a painting loosely based on it now.

Weird Scribbler Bird
Scribbler Too sketch

Giant chickens scanned on giant Cruse scanner

Hen Party
Acrylic palette knife painting on cradled wood panel
48 x 36 x 1.5(deep) inches (unframed, edges finished)
Price $2500

EDITED, UPDATE, May 2015: I am no longer publicly offering these images as reprints or products anywhere. I also stopped selling these as any kind of reprint or product on redbubble. I may at some time offer reprints/products of them to the public again, but am not currently. If you see reprints or products of these being sold anywhere please let me know, as they are unauthorized infringements, and would be made from screen grabs so of very poor quality anyway.  If you do want them on a reprint or product, let me know privately, maybe we can work something out. The most up to date page to see what I have is my Inventory page.

Hen Party is again being offered for sale!  I took the girls briefly off the market so I could take them to get a professional scan on a giant Cruse scanner, which seems appropriate for giant chickens.  The scanner was pretty amazing, as was the computer and graphics operation the owners had. A computer monitor that was of enviable size.

The plan is to offer Hen Party and another large painting, Giant Coffee Drinking Chicken, as fine art prints on canvas, “life size.”  Some call them Giclees, but more and more, the term is debated, as to what it really means.  By the time I offer the prints, I’ll have more specifics to list, as to the canvas, papers, inks, etc, available, and the prices.  Right now though, we have the digital images, and I feel comfortable selling Hen Party.

Giant Coffee Drinking Chicken
Acrylic palette knife painting on canvas
60 x 48 x approx. 2 in (deep)

I won’t be selling Giant, not right now.  My husband and I like him too much. And, he won’t fit in the car, so any time we take him to a show, it requires renting a large van. So for the time being, he’s living on the dining room wall and making a powerful statement there.  Prints of Giant will be available at the same time as for Hen Party.

For more info on my artwork for sale, click the link below. Thanks!

Stay tuned for updates!

Cardinal painting and recent art sales

9 x 12 in.
Acrylic on canvas
Framed in black/silver floater frame

One of my personal favorites, and one of my husband’s personal favorites, too.  See more work with details and prices here:

I love cardinals and miss seeing them since we moved back to Phoenix, but they do live in the desert southwest, they just aren’t commonly seen in town here for some reason, like they are in other parts of the country. We used to see cardinals at a different house in Phoenix that we lived in some time ago, but that house was near a natural desert preserve and a canal.  Our urban area seems to support many birds but sadly, not cardinals.

Cardinal was done as part of a photo-to-traditional art workshop on in a group called Solo Exhibitions. Details are on my Red Bubble site, all images in the list link to the image with more information.  The photographers in the workshop offered an image, which painters translated in their own style.  I loved the colors and contrasts in Vonnie Murfin’s photo, (also titled Cardinal), and of course, I love birds!  I zoomed in on the bird and made it in my style.  I’ve done these workshops in Solo group three times now. They are done by written agreement between the participants and each retains copyrights to their own work only.  The cardinal also appears in one of the calendars I offer on my Red Bubble site.

My “Sale” has been helping clear out space at home, yay!  This week, I sold two mixed media pieces, Chicken Ranch, and Alien Board 2.  If you’ve followed my link above to the price list, you may have noticed pieces disappear. Though sold pieces are removed from the list, they almost always are still in my portfolio and available for prints/cards.

I’ll also be adding some NEW work in the next few days, as well as some new scans of existing work, to the above price list.