My summer of doodling


As Phoenix’s summer heat set in, I was driven indoors to work at my little kitchen table, which means miniature work and/or drawings.  Ballpoint pens are one of my favorite drawing tools. The drawings may end at a mere doodle, or be embellished with transparent acrylic washes or even made part of a collage.  Below are just a few of my summer pieces.  They, and more, can be seen on my Red Bubble page:

“Drained” is 12 x 6 in., ballpoint pen and acrylic wash, on paper. Look for the little guy in the back holding up the plug. Maybe he drained the bathtub, or maybe the ocean. At any rate, the other creatures were taken by surprise.

“I Love my Bird” is drawn with black ballpoint pen on a tiny notebook page, about 3 x 5 inches or less. I tend to carry little notebooks or sketchbooks when I ride the bus, so I have something to do during the ride.

“A Little Bird Told Me” is a collage of my ballpoint pen doodles. The doodles were on a newspaper, cut out, adhered to a 12 x 6 in. sheet of paper, and then I added to the whole thing with more pen, acrylic washes, and colored pencils.

“Insectivore” is drawn with a single colored pencil on toned paper. It’s about 5 x 7 in.

“Chicken Ranch” is a mixed media piece on paper, 12 x 6 in.


I did some painting, too, including this one from a short series of more cartoon style chickens in different colors.  Also, I reworked a couple of old and/or unfinished drawings with some acrylic washes, and posted them on my Red Bubble page.

“Blue Chicken,” acrylic on canvas panel, 5 x 7 inches.


A big accomplishment this summer/fall was to inventory all of my paintings and drawings, price them, decide whether to put them on sale to clear space, and post the list.  You can see the lists below:

Drawings and other works on paper:



It is finally getting cool enough that I can paint outside some mornings if I get out there pretty early. This is the only way to really work bigger than about 12 x 16 inches, or be able to use messier methods, etc.  I’m looking forward to our beautiful fall and winter weather, where it will be nice enough to do a lot of outdoor painting all day.


And, today, I solved a nearly 30 year old mystery!  I found out what the heck this thing is! (below)  I bought this plastic bank at Phoenix’s Park ‘n Swap, in the mid 1980’s for about a dollar I think.  It was old then.  No one knew what it was.  It says Western Savings on it, which is a bank that operated here but closed some time ago.

At the time, I noted that it said it was made in Finland, on the bottom. For years it was packed in a box and moved around the country with us.  Then today, I looked at the bottom again, and noted it said © Fauni Finland.  (Apparently, it had been some time since I looked at the bottom, so long ago that the internet didn’t exist, or I’d have found its origin long ago.)  When I googled Fauni Finland, I quickly found out there were more of these around, and a doll seems to still be in production of the character by Fauni. The character’s name is “Sumppi.”  All this time I thought it was a bird, but it’s a troll!

You can see many images of it in various forms on their site:  I took the photo below, this morning.

Sumppi, a character made by Fauni,

(© Cindy Schnackel, all rights reserved.  Please don’t pin my stuff to Pinterest, it just makes me send them a DMCA takedown which irritates us both.  If you “share” my work elsewhere please be sure to credit me by name, and link to me.  Sharing is not using as illustration, avatars, advertising, etc. Those are uses which artists should get paid for. Thanks!)


4 thoughts on “My summer of doodling

  1. I just love your work of the beasts/ chickens you create Cindy. Biro are wonderful tools to draw with!

  2. I love the ones hugging…there is real affection showing, which is interesting since they are imaginary creatures…

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