Building Armatures & Testing Paints


Doesn’t look like much now!

A large cardboard cone, the start for an entry into the Mutant Pinata show that occurs in March, and will be at Chartreuse Gallery. Beatrice Moore, who has done so much for the arts especially on Grand Avenue, has organized this show for years. It’s pure fun! My husband started an armature too, and if he blogs about it I’ll link to it.


Four legs, so far.

I have a plan for this animal, but you’ll have to wait and see what it’s going to be! I jammed the cardboard tubes through holes and gooped them up with gel medium. By morning they were dry and quite sturdy. There will be a lot of layering of cloth strips soaked in liquid acrylic medium, plus other parts. Maybe some paper mache. You never know.


This scoop makes a good bird head.

I forget what product these come in, but it’s the 2nd or 3rd I have. One is already the ‘skull’ for a finished sculpture, and this one soon will be. I like reusing things that’d otherwise go in the trash or recycling, to build armatures for 3D pieces. Art should last many years, even centuries if cared for. If anyone xrayed my sculptures they would find lots of empty containers and other bits and bobs that attracted my eye.


Paint Test

Tested some liquid acrylic paints. Other than where the dark colored masking tape that covered parts of it tore up the paper, the paints held up well to a couple of days out in the sunlight. All of the colors I tested had good lightfastness ratings to begin with.  No need to make your paint tests completely boring when you can make monsters!



Sorry if you had seen my announcement anywhere that my domain name now defaults to my blog here, and found it didn’t work! I gave the wrong URL. Nearly 20 years ago, when I first got online, my hubby got me a domain name, and it has gotten little use all this time. It was easier to keep up a site that was already there, like a blog, social media account, and and a print on demand site. Recently though, I asked my hubby to see if he could make it default to my blog, and he did, and it worked fine. But, because my email address contains “artbycindy” in it, I and he were confused, and I gave the URL as artbycindy dot com, when it is actually bycindy. If I had set them both up at the same time I might have matching ones, but that didn’t happen! Thanks!

Cats & Guitars show thru Jan. 2016


Last night, my husband and I took a whirlwind tour of several show openings on Roosevelt Row, including Monorchid, Bokeh Gallery, Lotus, 515 and others. Stopped by Firehouse Gallery just N. of Roosevelt, where I have a sculpture in the Toy Art show that opened in Dec and closes Jan 9.

Then, we moved on to Grand Ave where we saw work in Trunk Space, which was one I’d never been in before, and {9} where I still have 2 tiny paintings back in the gift shop, before heading to Chartreuse Gallery for Cats & Guitars. I discovered a new artist to follow, Barron Dixon, whose piece, “Light on the Anchovies,” is one of those pieces you can never absorb in one viewing. Lots of detail, excellent execution, and so fun. I also loved the expression and mood of Marisa Hall Valdez’s “Carlos Catana.” There were many pieces I liked! I do like cats, but am allergic, and have birds, so….I admire cats more from afar these days. Cat art is the perfect remedy for that.

Chartreuse has more hours for this show than just first and third Friday art walk nights, so I hope more people will be able to see it. The artists’ reception is Friday Jan 15 starting at 6 pm, and I’ll be there the majority of the evening.

Art Show Details


The Toy Art show opens tonight, Dec. 18, at 6 pm and will be open at least until 9 pm, possibly later. Their Facebook page is public:



Lotus Contemporary Art also has a public Facebook page:



Cats & Guitars show site:

Chartreuse Gallery public Facebook page:


Let’s try this Facebook public page thing again…

Facebook resurrection

At least several months ago, it seemed the time it took to keep a public Facebook page was no longer worth it, since FB throttled your posts unless you paid. (And, acquaintances who tried paying said they didn’t feel it was worth it.) When I clicked delete, the page did not go away though; it said it’d disappear in 14 days. Weeks and months went by, and it was still up, still occasionally getting views and likes, even though I’d removed most content and left a post saying I closed it down. So, I figured, if it’s getting notice without me doing anything, maybe I’ll reactivate it, but just not use it a whole lot.

So, about a week ago, that’s what I did, and here it is:

Cats & Guitars show

Today, I delivered my painted guitar, titled “Fragonard’s Cat,” to the Haus Panther studio, which is in the same Bragg’s Pie Factory building with the Chartreuse Gallery, where the show will open in January 2016. I saw some really cool artwork that people had dropped off and am really looking forward to this fun show!  More info:

Tiny Works, last possible chance

I sold several of the 9 mini paintings I took to {9} The Gallery’s Tiny Works show in December. If you still want to see the show, be aware it comes down really soon, as they have a new show opening Third Friday, Dec 18! When I dropped off the guitar today, I walked by 9 and it was closed, as was to be expected at that time, but the small pieces were still up. I expect the pick up day will be any time now. If you want to check and try to still see the show here is the gallery’s info:


{9} The Gallery
1229 Grand Ave, Phoenix, Arizona

November, December, and January shows


Fragonard’s Cat, Acrylic on recycled guitar

LAST MINUTE REMINDER: Unless you’re reading this before the afternoon of Sunday Nov 29th, (or you already went), you will have missed it, but that’s the day the AZ 45 show closes at the Tieken Gallery in Paradise Valley, (see previous posts). If you ARE reading this in time, the closing reception is 2-5 pm!

DECEMBER 2015: TINY WORKS, Dec 4 (First Friday art walk night) 6-9 pm. Buyers can take their purchases with them right away. Unsold works will remain in the gallery thru part of Dec. 70+ artists. I will be taking several miniature pieces about 4×4 in with a deep edge, so they can sit or hang, all very affordable collages of my drawings, and/or small paintings on wood blocks. 1229 Grand Ave.

UPDATE, just found out I’m also in the show titled ICELANDIA, at the Lotus Gallery, 511 E. Roosevelt, Phoenix, the same night that TINY WORKS opens. The title of my painting is “Nuclear Winter.” It’s 9 x 12 in. on canvas panel, and in a fairly wide faced gold wood frame. The canvas panel is a Centurion linen panel, which is a really nice quality.


Nuclear Winter, available at Icelandia show in Dec 2015, 9 x 12, acrylic

JANUARY 2016: Jan 1st and 15th, (First Friday and Third Friday art walk nights), 6-9 pm. Fragonard’s Cat will be shown at Chartreuse, the gallery space in the old Bragg’s Pie Factory building, 1301 NW Grand, Phoenix AZ, in January 2016. The theme of the show is Cats and Guitars, so when I saw this guitar in a thrift store, I grabbed it. I am not sure what gave me the idea to do a take off on Fragonard’s “The Swing,” but the old master’s painting somehow came to mind. I changed a few things to be more of a cat point of view.


Phoenix Magazine Feature, recent stuff


Phoenix Magazine feature photo, Nov/Dec 2015

Phoenix Magazine Featured Artist, what an honor!

I was honored to be a featured artist in the December issue of Phoenix Magazine!

The interview was a lot of fun. Niki D’Andrea, the author, and the photographer, Angelina Aragon, were such nice people. I happened to have invitations for a private artist’s party and opening reception, of a show I was in, (at the Tieken Gallery, see earlier post), so I invited the two, and they had a good time there. It was great to see them again, and, being arts reporters they already knew some of the artists.

I’d like to thank Wayne Michael Reich, an artist and writer, for putting my name in front of Phoenix Magazine in the first place!

Being a featured artist is exciting and I was very pleased this publication understood the infringement problem I’d had, and agreed to put my watermark over any of my art, for the online version. Artists naturally want media coverage, so it can be a tough choice to pass up an opportunity if it’ll start a whole new slew of infringements that eat up time and energy. I’ve seen many artists suddenly become copyright converts when they find that first infringement, often for some company or cause they are appalled by. Most infringers treat online image searches, such as google, as their free clip art source, when in fact, the internet is not the public domain, it’s just publicly visible, two very different things! Nonetheless, their lawbreaking is a pain in the ass for the artist! Watermarks are not 100% effective in prevention but they deter most, and that’s a significant gain in being able to put that time and energy back to use making more new art. Thank you, Phoenix Magazine!

Graphic Panel T-Shirt


New ‘graphic panel tee shirt’ of my Giant Coffee Drinking Chicken painting

Though I have all but left the whole Print On Demand scene, after finding format changes and other issues kind of draining, I still have quite a few of my works on private view on my Red Bubble account. I sometimes buy them for myself as promotional material, mostly. This is the new ‘graphic panel tee.’ The back and sleeves are cotton and only come in black or white. The front panel is a white synthetic material and that’s what’s printed. The fabric seems fine, but I’m still testing it by wearing and washing a few more times, before I declare it a hit. The fit is very similar to the regular tees there, plenty long. If they were not so long I’d get a Small for myself, but I like things loose, and am short, so a long small shirt often feels like a girdle around my hips and goes past my butt LOL! So I get a Medium and that is a little baggy and easier to access pants pockets etc. Taller people appreciate the length.



The closing reception of the AZ 45 is Sunday Nov. 29, details in the flyer above! If you’re in the area but can’t make the reception, the gallery does open by appointment. The show comes down after the reception the 29th.

I have entered work in a few group shows that will be in December and January, and if I can get something done will enter a couple of others, as well. I do have work in {9} The Gallery, on Grand Ave, in Phoenix, in December. I’ll be updating my shows and events page as details come in, so you will have all the times and addresses, etc.

There was kind of a cluster of group shows I actually got an idea for in time to enter this fall/winter.

I’ll be getting back to my animal series and hope it’s ready to show by fall of 2016. If I really get going on it, maybe sooner, but I’m giving myself plenty of time so that there’s enough for it to be a solo show if possible. I’m not counting out the possibility of it being more than me, but it is more message-y than my work usually is and I don’t want that message diluted with unrelated stuff, (lovely as that stuff might be). So if I do it in conjunction with other artists I do want it to be on the same theme/message, which is veganism, factory farming, animal rights, and how we think of animals. My pieces are still humorous and still “me.”

I have seen some really wonderful art on these topics, varying from cute to very dark and in your face.

A related issue is the GMO debate, such as Fred Tieken’s ongoing series with his now Trademarked character, Uno, the one legged bird. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and showing with Fred, and it is his gallery that the AZ 45 is in. He even had a giant Uno constructed, which is at a show in California now if I’m right. I loved his show in Phoenix with Uno and other strange critters. I really identify with his view because he’s serious about it but manages to keep his humor and personality in his pieces, and that’s important to me, too, in my own art. I was not “converted” to veganism by force, nor would I expect anyone else to be. I hope my work on the vegan and factory farming topics will convince people to rethink their food. I am pretty sure Fred’s work made people think about GMO!