Show, First Friday, Feb. 6th, at {9} The Gallery, on Grand Ave, Phoenix


Two of the little critters on wheels to be at 9’s show “Move”

The announcement came out today on {9} The Gallery’s Facebook page, that “MOVE” is opening on First Friday, Feb 6, at 6 pm. It runs thru Feb 28th. Depending on which ones make the cut, (fill the display cases), I will be offering 10 or so of these little plastic brick sculptures on wheels. Most are chickens, (are you surprised?), but not all! A few have udders. My goal in making these was to keep them small and relatively simple, but with creative uses of blocks that are readily available. I started making them last year or the year before, and loved putting them on wheels. For one thing, the rolling platform helps keep their legs together! Each time I’d see a new brick in the parts wall at the store at the mall I’d be inspired to use it on new sculptures. Most were taken apart to be reused, until gallery owner Laura Dragon put out the call to artists for “MOVE!” My husband reminded me I had made these, and once Laura said she wanted them in the show, I kind of went nuts with the bricks in January, building and making quite a few. Some I decided to scrap but I have more than enough now to put in the display cases I got for this show, and they are all glued and dry.

1229 Grand Ave
Phoenix, Arizona
(602) 465-3264

5 Steps to Preventing and Managing Photo Theft- Watermarks, Upload Sizes, Exposure, Reporting Fraud, and Digital Watermarks

5 Steps to Preventing and Managing Photo Theft- Watermarks, Upload Sizes, Exposure, Reporting Fraud, and Digital Watermarks.


Good article. Like the author and others, I have often compared watermarking with locking your doors, too. We don’t leave our doors unlocked because it doesn’t prevent ALL burglars.

I would also add that where he talks about reporting infringers, you can easily send DMCA takedowns to an infringer’s site yourself. Many sites have a copyright infringement reporting form or email. Below is my go-to info for all the links and tips I have collected on this topic and would never remember anymore without them being in a document:

Enjoy the reading! :)

My April show moved to March!

Watch for updates, but I just want to let you know that today my April show was moved to March, at R. Pela Contemporary Art! Good thing I got right on that last year and have been working steadily on pieces, (whew)! This is good. March is when Art Detour happens, a major art event downtown, so there will be great traffic for the show. (Robrt’s gallery always has a great turnout anyway!) Hope to see you there!

Edited, new show date: Shows, new products, new ceramics, mostly chickens so far


Two of several small plastic brick sculptures on wheels by Cindy Schnackel




I will have several small sculptural pieces in “MOVE,” a show about all things that move, in February! I had been playing around with building blocks and adding wheels to things so it seemed like the thing to enter.


So far, this turned out to be my favorite glue for these bricks!


The sculptures will be glued together. I don’t happen to be one of the people who believes it’s sacrilegious to glue them, if the purpose is to keep them together. (Usually, I was taking them apart again, so gluing is only for the ‘permanent’ ones.) I have dropped unglued sculptures before and they shatter into as many pieces as they were made from. I didn’t want that to be happening, especially since even I can rarely remember how they go back together! I don’t know if the glue will make them truly shatter proof, but my test pieces seem pretty permanently bonded! The glue liked best is called Cyanoacrylate. This won my favor because it worked well and had a very tiny applicator tip that made gluing go fast, and neatly. It was one of the types of glues recommended in the research I did. My husband always has it on hand for his plastic models, too.

“MOVE!” Opens Friday, Feb. 6, 2015

{9} The Gallery

1229 Grand Ave.

Phoenix, AZ


There are at least two group shows I should enter something for in March, and I’ll blog about it if I get anything done in time! They are both no-fee shows, and look promising. The themes are still being mulled around in my mind.

Edit! My April show was just moved up to March!

For April, March, I’m scheduled for a two person show at R. Pela Contemporary Art, in Phoenix, where I’ve shown before. Robrt had liked what I was doing with a particular topic last year and asked me to do a whole show of it. I’ve been working on that now for months, as well as my other stuff, and it has been an exercise in self discipline to hold back so much work from public view all this time.

I will post details as the gallery begins to announce it!

R. Pela Contemporary Art

335 W. McDowell

Phoenix, AZ




Duvet cover product view, repeating chicken cartoon design, Cindy Schnackel


The Print On Demand (POD) site I’m on recently introduced “tiling” for the Duvet Cover product! This means we can upload normal sized high resolution images like we use for other products, and ’tile’ and scale them to make repeat patterns.  I have experimented with it and love the way it looks, so am offering a few of my images as Duvets now, in addition to other things.




Wet clay pinch pot projects. Creature, tiny dish, hollow chicken; Cindy Schnackel


Coil Teapot, Cindy Schnackel, at wet greenware stage


Teapot, upside down, getting feet and udders, Cindy Schnackel, greenware


Ceramics started again in January! This time it’s a bit of everything, and the first night we made pinch pots. Beginner stuff, yes, but the teacher let us do what we wanted as long as we used the technique, so naturally, I made a chicken. It is very different from my earlier hollow sphere chicken that I did more than 20 years ago by joining two shaped slab or pinched half spheres. This time the half spheres were all pinch technique. I also made a monster with about eight nipples/udders, (which didn’t show up at this angle, sadly), and a tiny treat dish for our pet birds. (The clays and glazes I’m using are all food safe!) The hollow pinch pot chicken is about 8″ tall.

The following week, we moved right on to coils. I built the body of my teapot with coils and added handbuilt elements in a variety of techniques later. I just kind of shaped the spout by pushing my finger through a ball of clay and squeezing it, then removing my finger, I curved and refined it before attaching. The eyes are pressed in with a wooden shaping tool, etc, while pressing from inside so it didn’t deform the pot. The lid has a small circle of clay added that fits inside the filling hole. They ‘should’ shrink the same as they’re the same clay, same wetness, and should fit when dry/fired. If I build another pot where I need to apply pressure from inside, I must remember to make the filling hole big enough for my hand! I really had to reach in with tools to attach the spout! D’oh! But it seems to have worked out, and I’m not sure it’s to be functional anyway.

The clay is LB Blend. The techs have already started firing some things from the first class, so by next class, I should have a piece or two to put glaze on, and the teapot should be ready to bisque fire.

2015 Plans, February and April shows, more


Sample toy brick chicken, © Cindy Schnackel

Above is a sample of a chicken I built from plastic building bricks last year, and will be making some new ones this year to show a few in a show called “MOVE!” at 9 Gallery in Phoenix in February. The show is about all things transportation or that move. Owner Laura Dragon has a reputation for some really good shows, so I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s work.

2014MutantDesertAdI’ve added my section of the mural to my Inventory list, along with info on how to purchase it from the Phoenix Center for the Arts. The image is also available on a few products on my Redbubble site!


A show is planned of my work at R. Pela Contemporary Art in Phoenix, for April! It’s a bit early to reveal details, and I’m thinking of a few ways to reveal just a hint now and then.  This could be a 2 person show again like last year. It’s somewhat of a divergent path from my usual work, (something I started experimenting with about a year ago), and I want it to be displayed only when the gallery is ready to announce the show.

There will also be a host of miniature works, as those were very popular and sold well at my last show there. So, you can expect to find available quite a few small sketches and paintings, possibly some bottle cap paintings, all priced very reasonably, along with the main (larger) pieces. Because of the nature of this particular show, ALL prices will be especially reasonable, so it’s going to be a great chance to get sizable work by me, at an affordable price. Think ‘recycling.’  That is all I will say for now. ;)


2014 Mural for Phoenix Festival of the Arts


Mutant Desert, acrylic on gessoed plywood, 4 x 4 feet, Cindy Schnackel

This past weekend, I again participated in the Phoenix Festival of the Arts mural project. Last year was my first year doing it, when I made the painting, “Swinger,” which sold.  This year, we painted on plywood instead of canvas. We each had one 4 x 4 foot panel to ourselves, and also had a 4 x 8 foot panel in between artists to collaborate and make the mural blend together.  Above is my individual section, which I painted in 3 afternoons outdoors in Hance park along with dozens of other artists whose panels wound thru the grassy area.  I like doing this mural project and plan on doing it again in 2015! Artists are only into it for their time and paint. No fee to do it! The event supplies the surfaces to paint on, and if your section sells, you get paid a generous commission.  (All sections are $300 and available from the event sponsors, see link below.) It’s a fun social event, and good for networking. We meet many of the people we may have formerly only known online.

I started late on Friday, basing in the sky and land colors and sketched a few cacti that first day. On Saturday, which started out beautiful, a rain shower blew in and the temps dropped, then it got windy! I was close to being done by the end of the day in spite of that, but with the wind, it was hard to hang on to the panels and paint. By then I was also shivering, since I was in shorts. I did as much as I could before it began to get dark and my hands became numb. Sunday was a beautiful day, not windy at all! Plenty of time to finish the details and add some colored glazes, as well as work some more on shading and highlights. Hopefully, this year’s mural section will sell, too!

Here’s info on the event and where to contact them if you are interested in purchasing the original: About the festival  Contact info for event sponsors

I tried out the image on several Redbubble products and chose those it worked well on.  See how it looks on them here!


More Mugs!

I’ve been adding more of my artwork to Redbubble’s new mug product, now that I’ve gotten one and have seen it’s nice. Below are some of my offerings, more to come!  And, if you buy while their sale is still going on, some of their small items like mugs are 15% off until Nov. 21st, 2014 if you use coupon code STOCKING15 at checkout!  Find them, and more, here:


Hen Party, Cindy Schnackel



The Big Pet, Cindy Schnackel


Blue Chicken, Cindy Schnackel


Black and white chickens, mug, Cindy Schnackel


Peanut mug, Cindy Schnackel