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Phoenix Magazine feature photo, Nov/Dec 2015

Phoenix Magazine Featured Artist, what an honor!

I was honored to be a featured artist in the December issue of Phoenix Magazine!

The interview was a lot of fun. Niki D’Andrea, the author, and the photographer, Angelina Aragon, were such nice people. I happened to have invitations for a private artist’s party and opening reception, of a show I was in, (at the Tieken Gallery, see earlier post), so I invited the two, and they had a good time there. It was great to see them again, and, being arts reporters they already knew some of the artists.

I’d like to thank Wayne Michael Reich, an artist and writer, for putting my name in front of Phoenix Magazine in the first place!

Being a featured artist is exciting and I was very pleased this publication understood the infringement problem I’d had, and agreed to put my watermark over any of my art, for the online version. Artists naturally want media coverage, so it can be a tough choice to pass up an opportunity if it’ll start a whole new slew of infringements that eat up time and energy. I’ve seen many artists suddenly become copyright converts when they find that first infringement, often for some company or cause they are appalled by. Most infringers treat online image searches, such as google, as their free clip art source, when in fact, the internet is not the public domain, it’s just publicly visible, two very different things! Nonetheless, their lawbreaking is a pain in the ass for the artist! Watermarks are not 100% effective in prevention but they deter most, and that’s a significant gain in being able to put that time and energy back to use making more new art. Thank you, Phoenix Magazine!

Graphic Panel T-Shirt


New ‘graphic panel tee shirt’ of my Giant Coffee Drinking Chicken painting

Though I have all but left the whole Print On Demand scene, after finding format changes and other issues kind of draining, I still have quite a few of my works on private view on my Red Bubble account. I sometimes buy them for myself as promotional material, mostly. This is the new ‘graphic panel tee.’ The back and sleeves are cotton and only come in black or white. The front panel is a white synthetic material and that’s what’s printed. The fabric seems fine, but I’m still testing it by wearing and washing a few more times, before I declare it a hit. The fit is very similar to the regular tees there, plenty long. If they were not so long I’d get a Small for myself, but I like things loose, and am short, so a long small shirt often feels like a girdle around my hips and goes past my butt LOL! So I get a Medium and that is a little baggy and easier to access pants pockets etc. Taller people appreciate the length.



The closing reception of the AZ 45 is Sunday Nov. 29, details in the flyer above! If you’re in the area but can’t make the reception, the gallery does open by appointment. The show comes down after the reception the 29th.

I have entered work in a few group shows that will be in December and January, and if I can get something done will enter a couple of others, as well. I do have work in {9} The Gallery, on Grand Ave, in Phoenix, in December. I’ll be updating my shows and events page as details come in, so you will have all the times and addresses, etc.

There was kind of a cluster of group shows I actually got an idea for in time to enter this fall/winter.

I’ll be getting back to my animal series and hope it’s ready to show by fall of 2016. If I really get going on it, maybe sooner, but I’m giving myself plenty of time so that there’s enough for it to be a solo show if possible. I’m not counting out the possibility of it being more than me, but it is more message-y than my work usually is and I don’t want that message diluted with unrelated stuff, (lovely as that stuff might be). So if I do it in conjunction with other artists I do want it to be on the same theme/message, which is veganism, factory farming, animal rights, and how we think of animals. My pieces are still humorous and still “me.”

I have seen some really wonderful art on these topics, varying from cute to very dark and in your face.

A related issue is the GMO debate, such as Fred Tieken’s ongoing series with his now Trademarked character, Uno, the one legged bird. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and showing with Fred, and it is his gallery that the AZ 45 is in. He even had a giant Uno constructed, which is at a show in California now if I’m right. I loved his show in Phoenix with Uno and other strange critters. I really identify with his view because he’s serious about it but manages to keep his humor and personality in his pieces, and that’s important to me, too, in my own art. I was not “converted” to veganism by force, nor would I expect anyone else to be. I hope my work on the vegan and factory farming topics will convince people to rethink their food. I am pretty sure Fred’s work made people think about GMO!

Tieken Gallery, November

SUAVE © 2015 Cindy Schnackel

SUAVE, acrylic, 24 x 36, 2015 Cindy Schnackel

Last night was the artists’ party for “The Arizona 45” show, at the Tieken Gallery, and I was honored to have been asked to be part of the show! My piece is a palette knife painting, one of the larger pieces I do to loosen up between small detailed works. When Fred and Gail asked me to be part of the show I thought this is a great venue for a larger piece. As the show’s title implies, there were 45 artists in the show, so the party with artists and their guests was quite an event!

When my husband and I moved back to Phoenix in 2009 and I started getting back into the art scene I’d been away from for years, I quickly became acquainted with Fred and his remarkable life story, and fun artwork. The Tiekens have done a lot for the arts here even before they built the fantastic gallery and sculpture garden.

The gallery is open by appointment this month up until the public closing reception November 29, (Sunday, 2pm – 5 pm). There are a lot of very cool pieces in this show, and it was great to finally meet some artists I’d only known by their work online up until last night. I also saw many old friends and familiar faces.

News article about the Tiekens and their gallery:

Tieken Studio & Gallery
5202 E Gold Dust Ave
Paradise Valley, AZ


Today is one of our beautiful winter days, probably will be around 80 or 70-something, so I’m going to get outside and work on some more things on the patio. Hope you can make it to the Tieken Gallery show, and I plan on having work in a couple other shows this winter which I’ll post details about, closer to the time.

Two headed blue jay



Nuclear Winter, Cindy Schnackel, acrylic, 9×12 in.

I believe I’m done with this painting now, and will try to get a sharper shot eventually. The title is Nuclear Winter, it’s acrylic on a linen canvas panel, 9 x 12 inches. I won’t count my chickens before they hatch, but I ‘plan’ on showing this in a local gallery in December, and will give details when/if that materializes. I’ve lived in wintry states both as a kid and briefly again as an adult, and love the way landscapes look in winter, with snow, and the beautiful light towards the end of the day, (which comes about 3 o’ clock up North LOL!).

Next week I’ll post at least one more new painting, that’s at a gallery in Paradise Valley right now. Shortly to follow that will be the other items I’ve been working on for upcoming shows thru the winter.


Working Outdoors Again


Working on a sculpture for a series I hope to show as a group in 2016

Sometimes October feels like summer will never end here in the Valley of the Sun! But then it ends, and everyone rejoices. We’ve had temps reliably under 90 now, which means I can work outside on the patio on things that are too messy or that make too many fumes, to do indoors. I did a large palette knife painting for a show in November at the Tieken Gallery in Paradise Valley, AZ. Will post a pic of that when the gallery starts announcing the show publicly. I can tell you the public reception is Nov 29 or by appt. The address is on my Current Shows page.

Above photo: I made progress on a sculpture for my series about my decision to become vegan, a sort of anti factory farming theme, but still with a lot of my humor. You will just have to wait til it’s done to see what it’s like! I won’t be uploading many images from the series until I’m ready to show it, and right now I don’t even know where I’ll be showing it. But I WILL be, somewhere.  In the above sculpture I’m working with a slurry of tinted paper mache, over an armature I built from whatever was at hand; cardboard tubes and containers, wires, and strips of old washcloths soaked in acrylic medium, and some sticks, paper, etc. I’ve since gotten further along on it and am liking the way it’s coming out.

I was/am also working on a number of 4 x 4 inch-ish pieces for a pre-holiday show at {9} The Gallery. They will be affordably priced for gift giving! Also, I am entering a few theme shows with no fees this fall, and had some work in progress for that. One included sanding and priming the back of an old guitar, to paint on, (don’t worry it wasn’t a valuable guitar!).

Last weekend was most pleasant. Not only could I work outside on several art projects at once, but my husband was also out there building some sort of cart to roll around that holds extension cords and air hoses. It was good to see him using the tools he has acquired, and having fun. He was happy with what he accomplished and I’m anxious to see what else he makes. We topped off the weekend by going to see “Bridge of Spies” at one of those dinner movie theaters, a great movie and really comfortable way to see it.

“Are they mine?”

Possum Commission for Christy Puetz Painting by Cindy Schnackel © 2015 All rights reserved Acrylic on panel 11 x 14 inches

“Are They Mine?” Cindy Schnackel, Acrylic, 11 x 14 in.

Finished a commission this month and didn’t want to post a pic of it until the buyer had seen it first. She picked it up today, and I’m happy to say she really liked it! The piece is acrylic on panel, 11 x 14 inches.

Most of this late summer/early fall I’ve been running to one doctor or test after another! I lost part of my hearing and no reason can be found. I’ve had numerous tests, including an MRI, and while getting the IV for that, I passed out, which resulted in a trip to the ER, then a neurologist, and what I hope will be the last unpleasant test this coming week, where I think they’re going to try to make me have a seizure. Yay. I’m hoping that the conclusion is that I just passed out from the IV grossness. It’d be nice if my hearing came back, too.

Despite all that I’ve managed to do a commission, a small charity project for the Mesa Arts Center, a new painting for a November show, draw quite a bit, and work on my continuing vegan inspired series. What I haven’t done is upload much of any of it to the net. Some is being intentionally held back until closer to when it is shown.


I’ve also been asked to be in a pre-Christmas show of all miniature/small works, and will be showing some existing pieces plus hopefully a number of new tiny pieces, that will make great holiday gifts at reasonable prices. Who wouldn’t want original artwork for a present?!

I’ll post details of all the shows, and images, when they’re announced by their respective galleries.

There have been a number of good shows this summer and fall, and looks like more to come. The following sites review a number of shows every month and/or discuss art walk events and info:


Painting Kittens

© 2015 Cindy Schnackel Detail from painting in progress

Detail from painting in progress, Cindy Schnackel


Today, I was painting kittens in a commissioned painting. I really like the way this one’s coming out. ;)


I sold several small pieces last Friday! Have been editing my inventory list and sites to reflect that they’re sold, and/or remove them from the list of available pieces. Two were going to an apartment in Chicago, not sure where the rest will end up.

Showing Friday Aug 7!

This Friday, I’ll be taking a number of small paintings to a one night show at {9} The Gallery. This is a group show, including Kyllan Maney, Brenda Edwards, Aileen Frick, Geoffrey Gersten Eric Babcock and more.

It’s a studio sale, and I’m taking pieces that are from as far back as 2010, and as recent as this year, most of which have never been out of the house, but tucked away somewhere taking up space! All are ready to hang, many are in frames and if they’re not they have deep edges. Most are paintings, but there will be a few drawings, too. Sizes range from around 6 x 6 inches to 10 x 10 inches for paintings, up to about 20 x 20-ish for the ‘house’ frame one. One or two drawings are smaller than 6 x 6. Prices will range from $25 for the smallest drawing, up to $150 for the largest, the house frame piece. Some of the pieces have been discounted just for this event.

Opens 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 7, 2015

1229 Grand Ave., Phoenix, AZ

See gallery’s Public Facebook Page: for more info.

See my inventory & price list:

As you can see from my price list, some of the pieces will be reduced a little for this one-night sale. The discounted price applies to purchases made in person at the gallery during the event.

If you’re in Phoenix for this First Friday, hope to see you over on Grand Avenue! Thanks!